Harassment - DKspro (CLOSED)

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Harassment - DKspro (CLOSED)

Post by KoMyNuCTa on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:28 pm

Така ........ Начи тоя въпросния ДКспро от 4 дена не ме оставя да вдигам левел и измислената му причина е че когато беше нов не съм му давал парти което предполагам е лично мой избор . Smile .. Малко снимки [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Това е. Мерсаж Smile


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Re: Harassment - DKspro (CLOSED)

Post by scandalous on Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:12 pm

LinkosMu Server Rules wrote:6. Harassment: Harassing another player or member of staff, repeated abusive behaviour to a particular individual, repeated PKing of an individual to an extreme degree.

След като KoMyNuCTa се оплака ингейм, всички бяха предопредени, както и беше припомнена цитираната точка от правилата.

Снимките ясно доказват PKing to an extreme degree или нарушаване на точка 6 от правилата - Harassment. Много по силен играч не оставя KoMyNuCTa дори да реска, както е казано и в първият пост.

Препоръчвам 1 седмица бан за "DKspro".

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Re: Harassment - DKspro (CLOSED)

Post by asian95 on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:24 am

Hi, I am here, requested for from my members to response to this post. Referring to extreme pk. DarkSoul, Hero, DKspro asked me to come here and inform that long time ago, when they first start game, before MagicaN play. They were pked by Nazists (Their whole guild for spot). They think is a game thing, pk is normal. So they suck it up.. or even wait for me to come to help them out. We made server rule between GodOfWar and Nazists not to kill each other until someone started to fights. This compromise between two master lasted for two-three weeks until one of the problems occurs.
Ask referred to them, Since there are a tracking character and map you are in. Just last week, when Hero was under MagicaN reset, He was lv 315 and went to lost tower 0 to camp at his spot, as he try to hit lv 140 to move to tarkan. Who fault is that to start the fights? As this lead on to Tarkan 1 a few hours after. Another incident happen. Since you are here to reports us out. Might was well say everything out and figure out who is right, who is wrong. Since this server is free for all to play. Account Brutaly MagicaN and KoMyNuCTa been sharing account with each other. Who ever started the fight with us, we don't know and we cant solve it cause we don't know who the official owner if the account. This incident leave us to this pk conclusion. Did they report the fact that they share account ? did they report the fact that they pk nubs player when they first started?? I played this sever since I had 0 reset, and I been on every single days since then to support and inform my guild about server rule. As time processed more and more Vietnamese players is joining game as we talked, since this server have a very nice and reasonable admin and we all love him. So my guild, personally convinced and ask friends to join and play. We are here to have play and have fun, not to cost problem. There are two spot in tarkan 1, If the conflict ddint start few week ago, they wouldn't kill anyone. If it last a few weeks, it can definitely last more As I set rule I will kick them out if they start fight and kill them myseft. Top reset rules don't u guys think?? Most top players doesn't respect low reset and new players and randomly kill them for new spot. I talked through the whole server about this. We all followed until MagicaN started to miss around. And now, they tried their best and reset as fast as possible to kill them back. How is that unfair if they end up dying now ? Cause they started the fight?? As I am here right now, to inform you guys here from them about what happen. Please let me know the result so I can informs them back. I wouldn't make lies and waste my time on this forums. if I think my guild member is wrong, I will definitely kick them out. I am a Master of a large guild. Without integrity and honestly and respect my guild member, all my guild member would left me and start their individual guild, since most of them are over 100 reset.

This is unnessary report, why ? if you are not aiming to report Hero or DKspro ? why would u run to the same spot and get killed? Since there are two spot in tarkan 1?? Please answer me that ?? My guild, we are fomers mu players. We know the concept of pking in this game. All spot from all map, there are 2 or more spot. From Lorencia, Devias, Dungeon, Lost tower, tarkan 1 and arena.

Since admin don't play game as much as the players do, he doesn't know the problems of individual players have and hatred against each other from one conflict. Conflict build up on and on. I can put my account on the line and guaranteed you that my guild doesn't kill low reset character without Reason. The fact that since 3 character are sharing around and MagicaN is the highest reset, they always bring MagicaN on after they died or get killed. So that why we know they been sharing around.

We know this fact but we are not selfish to report, why ? it just a game conflict. Who started, suck it up and own it. Why would u bring it out to forums?? I suggest you change password and stop sharing account so we know who the problem starter and call him out to face the fact that he PKed Hero DKspro when they are low reset. I was around since they were pked. I was around when they had 0 reset, I had to pull them to 2 reset for them to reset on their own. I am not here to report you either. Im just bringing this all up since u started to bring this out to forums. They would definitely not kill u if u don't mess around with them first.

Admin, plz let me know what going on, il be really appreciated. This pk problem is all over the place in game. from who started first, then they pked each other, and then the whole guild got included to pking. and then this is where the Master of the guild come and talk. We already made a compromise or try to solve and keep the pking lv straight out. But since like it not working. maybe the rule of "not allowing pking to extreme" is not for good for a pvp server after all. If it was, or wasn't allow to pvp. the server from the start should be in non pvp or something like that. My guild member is going crazy about this, Please let me know when u come to a conclusion. My guild members is getting ready to quit cause of this UnJustice Report. I told them that u are fair and you will know what is going on. So they are staying for now to see what is the result!


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Re: Harassment - DKspro (CLOSED)

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:37 pm

Character banned for 10 days.


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