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New website functions

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1 New website functions on Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:19 am


Dear Linkos MU Warriors, we are pleased to announce we added some new functions to our website. They are as follows:

- Trade Online Hours: The more you stay online in game, the more credits you will earn from this function. 1 hour spent online in game will bring you 5 credits to use in our web shop. Online hours were counted since the very opening of the server's season: 01/04/2016. This means all your hours so far were stored so you can trade them for credits straight away.

- Check For Duplicated Items: This function allows you to check for duplicated items just by entering a character name. It will search the character, all characters in the account and all vaults. Do not trade items with people that have duplicated items in their accounts! Duplicated items are being erased periodically and we don't restore them.

- Grand Reset: This function will earn you free credits. How? It's very simple - just by reseting your character. Reward: 1000 credits per Grand Reset. Requirements: Level 400, 100 Resets and 50 000 000 Zen. We hope this will make the game a little bit more interesting for most of you by giving you the chance to win even more free credits. As per the above, again all resets were nulled (everyone's resets was set to 0) and this is not a fault but it's giving everyone equal chance to win some even bigger prizes.

All functions are available to everyone once you are logged in successfully at the user panel. We hope the new options will make your stay in the server more pleasant, interesting and safe by letting you earn more free web shop credits and keep away from scammers!

Good luck and have fun in Linkos MU!

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