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New server computer

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1 New server computer on Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:52 pm


Hello Linkos MU Warriors! As you all know we had a problem with the power supply of the server machine after unplanned electricity maintenance. After an entire day of work we found out that it is an issue uneconomical to repair and we had to replace the entire server computer. This means we all now have a brand new server machine which is faster, stronger and more secure. Unfortunately we had 2 days of downtime but now the server is up and running much better than it was before. As we didn't have enough time to test lag, pings and/or any problems in general, it will be down to you to find out whether there is something that needs fixing or not. As a compensation, everyone received 1000 web shop credits - use them well! Many thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding. Good luck and have fun in Linkos MU!

Linkos MU Staff

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