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Server update (06/04/2018)

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1 Server update (06/04/2018) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:26 pm


Hello Linkos MU Warriors. We are glad to introduce the following updates to you:

1. Added 15 custom quests with various rewards - To start a quest, speak to the Guard in Lorencia. To follow up on your quest in progress, just type /questinfo in game. When you have finished your quest, speak to the Guard in Lorencia again to claim your reward.

2. Added VIP system - The VIP status gives you extra 10x experience (So when VIP your experience will be 70x instead of 60x as standard). It costs 200 credits and the duration of the VIP status is 2 days (48 hours from the time you purchase VIP). To get VIP status, just type /buyvip in game. To follow up on your remaining time, simply type /vipinfo in game.

I really hope you will all enjoy the new features of the server.

Good luck and have fun everyone.

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